TuneRegistry Wants To Fix One of Music’s Biggest Issues

December 14, 2018

Dae Bogan wanted to figure out a way to tackle one of the biggest issues facing artists today.

His company, TuneRegistry — which uses meta data to help artists manage their music catalogs — empowers artists to do their own publishing and handling of issues with different performance rights organizations.

Bogan says one of the biggest issues facing the music industry is the attribution royals to independent artists, especially those in the hip hop community.

“It’s about making music, getting it out there and doing shows, but there’s a lot more to the business than that,” said the founder.

Bogan sat down to chat about the importance of building a strong team, the music industry and its future concerning blockchain based initiatives.

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TuneRegistry is publishing administration platform that enables Independent Artists and Producers to be their own music publisher & streamlines rights administration for RightsHolders.

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