Every year millions of dollars in royalties are left on the table because music creators and rightsholders do not register their songs and recordings with the organizations that administer licenses and distribute royalties. We want to change that.

TuneRegistry simplifies your catalog administrative operations by putting all of your music registration needs in one place. We make it easy for independent artists, writers, labels, and publishers to set up, manage, and deliver Song, Recording, and Release information to the rights, metadata, and business exchanges that power billions of music-related transactions every year. 

TuneRegistry does not act as your publisher nor label, so you retain 100% of your rights and 100% of your royalties. Our technology intelligently and seamlessly integrates with the top rights and metadata exchanges in the U.S. to send and receive registrations and information on your behalf (see the TuneRegistry Network). Where applicable, these exchanges send royalty payments directly to you or your designated payee.

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TuneRegistry Product Demo
Explore the in's and out's of the TuneRegistry music rights administration platform in this walk-through by TuneRegistry's founder and CEO, Dae Bogan.

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