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TuneRegistry helps you keep your music info up-to-date and streamlines your music business administration.

CORE features

Music Catalog

We've untangled the information required by the music industry and built an easy-to-use catalog manager from this data.

Our cloud-based catalog manager intuitively organizes and cross-references your music's descriptive and rights information.

You can quickly find what you need without sorting through old versions of information in messy folders across multiple devices.

You can add collaborators who can participate in managing the catalog to reduce errors and omissions.

Information is secure and accessible on any Internet-connected device, no matter where you are.

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Music Registrations

Millions of dollars in royalties go unclaimed every year because rights-holders do not register their Songs and Recordings to the correct royalty-collecting organizations.

In addition, many music creators miss exposure opportunities when they fail to deliver complete metadata to digital music services who rely on metadata to power in-app features such as Search, Playlisting, Audio Recognition, Content Identification, and Recommendations.

By managing your catalog with TuneRegistry, these registrations become pain-free.

- Easily register with many music industry exchanges in one place.
- Input information once and it is saved for all registration types going forward.
- We constantly check exchange requirements and keep our system up-to-date so you don't have to.

View the TuneRegistry Network for a complete list of supported music industry exchanges.

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Administrative Tools

We simplify your music career by integrating industry administration tools in our system. Here are some of the tools that we currently (or will soon) support:

- Catalog Reports
- U.S. Copyright Registrations
- Submissions to Radio Airplay Monitoring
- Submissions to Music Sales Monitoring
- RIAA Certification Assistance
- Issuance of Music Industry Codes (ISNI, ISWC, ISRC, and UPC)

We listen to our users and take feature suggestions from the community.



Keep your songs and underlying rights information in one place.

  • Titles
  • Music Codes (ISWC & Custom)
  • Lyrics
  • Writers
  • Production Music Details
  • Publishers
  • Public Domain Details
  • Ownership Splits


Upload your recordings and input the metadata and ownership details.

  • Track Details
  • Music Codes (ISRC & Custom)
  • Artist Details
  • Track Credits
  • Label Details
  • SoundExchange Performer Splits
  • Production Details
  • Sound Recording Ownership


Build releases from your recordings with ease.

  • Titles & Formats
  • Music Codes (UPC & Custom)
  • Distribution Details
  • Meta Tags




TuneRegistry streamlines your registrations process by aggregating U.S. music rights organizations, licensing agencies, metadata services, and other exchanges into our integrated Registrations module. View the TuneRegistry Network for a list of exchanges where we can deliver your registrations.

View our tutorial videos.

  • U.S. Song Registrations -  Register Songs to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Music Reports
  • U.S. Sound Recording Registrations - Register Recordings to SoundExchange
  • Metadata Delivery - Submit your metadata to data services that power the digital music industry AcoustID, Audible Magic, Gracenote, MusicBrainz, TiVo, and Quantone
  • Radio Airplay Monitoring - Register Recordings that you're promoting on radio for tracking and charting to SoundScan, BDSradio, Mediabase, and RadioWave
  • Get Music Industry Codes - ISRCs and UPCs (coming soon)​.
  • Status Updates - Receive status updates and action notifications on your dashboard.
  • Certificate of Registration - Receive and store proof of completed registrations.
  • Export your repertoire formatted for Harry Fox Agency, Alliance for Artists & Record Companies, and SoundExchange

New features

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