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TuneRegistry helps you keep your music info up-to-date and streamlines your music business administration.


An easy-to-use catalog manager that helps you keep your music metadata organized.


Keep your songs and underlying rights information in one place.

  • Titles
  • Music Codes (ISWC & Custom)
  • Lyrics
  • Writers
  • Production Music Details
  • Publishers
  • Public Domain Details
  • Ownership Splits


Upload your recordings and input the metadata and ownership details.

  • Track Details
  • Music Codes (ISRC & Custom)
  • Artist Details
  • Track Credits
  • Label Details
  • Performer Ownership Splits
  • Production Details
  • Sound Recording Ownership


Build releases from your recordings with ease.

  • Titles & Formats
  • Music Codes (UPC & Custom)
  • Distribution Details
  • Meta Tags




TuneRegistry streamlines your registrations process by aggregating U.S. music rights organizations, licensing agencies, metadata services, and other exchanges into our integrated Registrations module. View the TuneRegistry Network for a list of exchanges where we can deliver your registrations.

TuneRegistry Product Demo
Explore the in's and out's of the TuneRegistry music rights administration platform in this walk-through by TuneRegistry's founder Dae Bogan.

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