TuneRegistry Taps Musical Turk To Help Music Companies On-board Large Catalogs

Dae Bogan
Dae Bogan
January 9, 2018

TuneRegistry was developed as a platform to help independent music creators and rights-holders take control of their music catalogs. Users can easily collect, organize, store, manage, and deliver metadata to music rights organizations and data services in our growing network of exchanges.

Our goal was to make it easier to manage metadata, to reduce the time of administering an album, and to promote the flow of accurate, complete, and consistent rights information and metadata to the greater music industry. All of this ultimately helps income participants to be accurately identified and properly paid.

Since our soft launch in June of 2016, we've been approached by several medium-sized record labels, music publishers, libraries, and production houses who see value in our unique ability to save them time by streamlining the music administration processes for both compositions and sound recordings, coupled with our aggregated delivery of metadata to data services that power features in hundreds of music apps, audio devices, and digital music services; all in one place at one low monthly price.

However, many of these companies faced challenges with moving their data into a catalog management system. Some use outdated database creation software, some use spreadsheets, and some use a combination of these software and desktop folders, external hard-drives, and cloud-based file storage solutions to organize and manage their music catalog.

For a catalog of 5,000 to 10,000 songs, whipping this data into shape is the first challenge. Then, inputting that data into TuneRegistry poses a separate challenge since we have a specific workflow for creating songs and linking recordings and releases in our system, which supports the complexity of our database architecture and enables us to distribute data to our exchange network in a number of ways.

This is why we are happy to announce our partnership with data experts, Musical Turk.

Musical Turk was founded by Lucas Gonze who was previously the Vice President of Content Operations, Music at Gracenote, one of the largest music metadata companies in the world.

Musical Turk provides data services by music experts. We enable the human side of data automation. Our labor force of music experts can assist you in getting your large library of music metadata and rights data into TuneRegistry. We consult, build software and systems that assist in the induction of music metadata. - Todd Tate, Partnerships, Musical Turk

Any music company with up to 10,000 songs can sign-up and engage Musical Turk to handle the heavy lifting involved in preparing and ingesting your metadata into the TuneRegistry catalog management system. Then, going forward you can have up to 15 users adding and managing metadata in our robust cloud-based platform.

If you're interested in learning more, contact us.

Dae Bogan

Dae Bogan is the Co-founder & CEO at TuneRegistry; a music rights and metadata management platform for the independent music community. Dae is also an educator at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); California State University, Northridge (CSUN); and SAE Institute Los Angeles (SAE) where he teaches music business and music industry entrepreneurship.

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