Feature preview: SoundExchange Repetoire Submission

November 4, 2021

We're excited to preview our DDEX-powered SoundExchange integration which brings the power of DDEX to independent rightsholders via TuneRegistry. This will result in TuneRegistry facilitating the most accurate and comprehensive and seamless submission of repertoire to SoundExhcnage. To ensure this meets your needs while leaving you in control of your data, we will be doing additional testing. During this period you will see changes in our Recording and Release modules.

What is DDEX

Digital Data Exchange, LLC (DDEX) is a not-for-profit, membership organization that is focused on the creation of music data standards and allows the communication of metadata between various parties. The messaging standards that we’ve incorporated as part of this integration with SoundExchange Will be used to communicate your Release metadata and DDEX RDR-N v1.4 which will be leveraged to communicate your Recording metadata on your behalf to SoundExchange.

What To Expect

Implementing DDEX standards in our SoundExchange repertoire submission process required us to make changes to our Recording and Release modules. The majority of changes were technical in nature and will have little to no impact on your experience, however, the adjustments within the Recording module resulted in a number of improvements you will notice and also included the long-requested ability to split master ownership of sound recordings.

Steps That Need to be taken.

Its important to note that all Recording, and release repertoire previously submitted through TuneRegistry will need to be resubmitted using this new process if you haven't submitted them separately. By us leveraging DDEX standards, this ensures that all repertoire data submitted moving forward will be successfully ingested into SoundExchange and visible within your SoundExchange portal. To assist you we've withdrawn all Recording and Release registrations which were previously submitted through our system, enabling you to make any adjustments necessary to these records and submit your repertoire directly to SoundExchange.

The Process

The first step in this process will be setting up your label entity or entities for DDEX communication. This can be done in a few ways.

  1. Contact Module - If you have a DPID for your label or label entities navigate to Contacts Module > Companies > Edit Label Entity > Check Label. You will see a DPID field appear which is where you will enter your entity's DPID.

TuneRegistry: Contacts Module > Companies > Edit Label Entity
TuneRegistry: Contacts Module > Companies > Edit Label Entity

  1. Within the Recording / Release Module - Within these modules when you begin the registration process you will be presented with a dialog box which will ask if your label entity is affiliated with Sound Exchange. If you answer No, you will be advised to register the label entity with Sound Exchange first. If you answer yes you will be asked if the label entity has a DPID. If the label entity has a DPID you will be able to provide the DPID, associate it permanently with that entity within the TuneRegistry system and forward the information to support to setup the DDEX Feed. If you indicate that the label entity does not have a DPID you will be presented with a form. Fill out this form and click submit and the information will be relayed to support to request a DPID on your label entity's behalf and will guide you through the rest of the process.

TuneRegistry: SoundExchange Configuration Wizard
TuneRegistry: SoundExchange Configuration Wizard

During the period in which we are further evaluating this exciting new feature you will be able to begin the configuration process, however, support will not be fulfilling these requests until after the feature has been made available for use. Once this feature has been made available support will work these requests within the order in which they were received and will provide you with additional instructions via our normal channels.


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