Artist Success Spotlight: Luke Rathborne

Dae Bogan
Dae Bogan
March 6, 2019

Meet Luke Rathborne @lukerathborne.

Luke Rathborne is a talented DIY musician out of Brooklyn, New York. Prior to using TuneRegistry, Luke was frustrated with the fragmented and messy music publishing ecosystem that left him confused and unsure if he was possibly being underpaid by some unknown revenue streams. He had earned streams of his music on digital service providers like Spotify, but he felt that he may not have been collecting all of the royalties that he was due.

Luke owns his masters and publishing, so as a self-published DIY musician, he created a TuneRegistry account, asked us a few questions, and set out to unlock his royalties.

We are pleased to say that Luke, for the first time, has begun to receive publishing royalty checks from Spotify for streams dating back to 2013. With our help, Luke is finally seeing the value of his copyrights in royalty disbursements.

Dae Bogan

Dae Bogan is the Co-founder & CEO at TuneRegistry; a music rights and metadata management platform for the independent music community. Dae is also an educator at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); California State University, Northridge (CSUN); and SAE Institute Los Angeles (SAE) where he teaches music business and music industry entrepreneurship.

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